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Workshop IconWelcome to the Scenario Workshop

May 9, 2007 - We have released the source code for our aging classic Blades of Exile. Aspiring programmers can now take this program and modify it, improve it, or completely convert it.

This area is the clearinghouse for information on the Blades of Exile Scenario Editor. The Scenario Editor is a complicated program, which requires a bit of effort to master. Fortunately, when you get stuck, this page is here to help you along. You can find answers to users' questions. You can read articles about and see examples of how to use the scenario editor. There's also a report of the latest bugs found and the latest version of the Scenario Editor.

The Scenario Workshop is your resource, and you can make it better. Have you found a neat scenario design trick? Write down how to do it and E-mail it to b l a d e s@ spiderwebsoftware . com (Note spaces added to thwart spammers. Remove spaces for valid email address.). Have a question that you think people would like an answer to? Send it to the same place. We want this to be the academy designers can come to and find out how to make new scenarios and how to make their old adventures better!

In addition, some scenarios won't work correctly on the Macintosh because the dialogue gets cut off. Scenarios with this problem will not be put on the CD, and will probably be removed from our site soon (since we really can't distribute scenarios which don't work correctly for half of the Blades registered users). It's an easy problem to fix. Just trim any dialogue which, on the PC version, uses the last 2 lines in the talking window.

Thank you again for your scenario, and good gaming to you!

Blades of Exile Scenario Workshop Links

  • Official walkthroughs for the Blades of Exile Scenarios: The Valley of Dying Things, A Small Rebellion, and The Za-Khazi Run.
  • Visit Alexandria. A comprehensive and well organized website with a database of nearly all Blades scenarios.
  • The Lyceum has some scenarios, a designer's forum and hosts the latest Blades of Exile Scenario Design Contest.
  • User's Questions Answered
  • Related Articles and Examples
  • Bugs Found in the Scenario Editor
  • Learn about and download the Latest Version of the Scenario Editor
  • Learn how to submit a user designed scenario
  • See the results of the Spiderweb Scenario Contest held in 1998.
  • Submit a review of the scenarios you've played.
  • Tarl Kudrick was good enough to take almost all important information from the 187 stock monsters in the Blades of Exile database and turned it into three easy-to-read tables. After the three tables, he included some notes on monster design. Download Monster Data (in Rich Text Format).
  • Scenario Utilities Page. Links to websites with custom Blades graphics and some people have put together some utilities designed to help create your own scenarios.

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