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User's Questions Answered

This page is for the answers to questions users have E-mailed to us (at b l a d e s@ spiderwebsoftware . com (Note spaces added to thwart spammers. Remove spaces for valid email address.)). If you have a question you think people would like to see answered, drop us an E-mail. While we can't promise that we'll answer your question, we'll certainly look it over.

By Subject:

Thanks to a fit of madness Scott Andrew (a devout user from New Zealand) organized user's questions and our answers by category.

Blades of Exile Editor Questions

Blades of Exile Non-Technical Questions

By Date: (Note this is more up to date then the By Subject section.)

  1. Questions from 12/23/97-1/5/98
  2. Questions from 1/6/98-1/16/98
  3. Questions from 1/17/98-1/20/98
  4. Questions from 1/21/98-2/2/98
  5. Questions from 2/3/98-2/13/98
  6. Questions from 2/14/98-3/20/98
  7. Questions from 3/21/98-4/16/98
  8. Questions from 4/17/98-4/24/98
  9. Questions from 4/25/98-5/8/98
  10. Questions from 5/9/98-5/22/98
  11. Questions from 5/23/98-6/25/98
  12. Questions from 6/26/98-7/20/98
  13. Questions from 7/21/98-8/1/98
  14. Questions from 8/2/98-9/4/98
  15. Questions from 9/5/98-10/20/98
  16. Questions from 10/21/98-2/22/99
  17. Questions from 2/23/99-6/1/99
  18. Questions posted on 8/2/99
  19. Questions posted on 9/15/99
  20. Questions posted on 11/21/00
  21. Scenario Contest Questions

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