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Scenario Review Page

On this page you can share your opinion about a scenario you downloaded from our Scenario List Page. Did the scenario enrage you, delight you or somewhere in between? Let us know, and give us feedback. We take your feedback very seriously. The average of these reviews will be posted on our Scenario Review Page.

Our Rating System: We assign a rating from 1 to 5 (see list below). Occasionally, we'll post an insightful comment placed in the reviews by one of our reviewers. Scenarios that receive low avg. ratings (<2.5) will be removed.

5 - Two Thumbs Up (Excellent).
4 - One Thumb Up (Good).
3 - OK (Fair)
2 - Not Worth the Download (Poor)
1 - Should Not Exist (Horrible)

1. Name: (Required)

2. Full Email Address: (Required)

3. Scenario Selection: (Choose one scenario from pick lists below per rating unless you want to give different scenarios the same rating.)

Select a solid scenario:

Select a first effort scenario:

Select an untried scenario:

4. Overall Rating:

(Is this list too constraining? Would you rather give some scenario a 4.5 for example? Go ahead leave the Overall Rating on Choose and write in your rating in the Comments field below. Keep in mind anything greater than 5 or less than 1 is invalid.)



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