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 Scenario Utility

 Town Grid Templates

 Small (30k)
A Word Document that provides grids for keeping track of Stuff Done Flags and personalities for towns.

 Custom Graphics

 Motrax's Lair Graphics Archive

 Lots of nice custom graphics you can use in your scenario. There are also links to other Blades pages with custom graphics. But be warned this webpage plays music at you.

 Scenario Utility

High Level Party Maker

 Very Small (26k)
The HLPM is a tiny, one dungeon (three rooms and one hallway) scenario with a whole lot of special encounters that give the characters gold, experience points, weapons, and spells. See Islands of the Wheel for an example of how you can use this.



 Alternate Party Maker v. 2.1

 32k (small)

  A party building scenario for NEW parties.

Winner of Best Utility Scenario in the Third Scenario Design Contest held by The Lyceum

 Ryan Thompson,, 2000

 Scenario Utility

 Black Crag Fortress

  Very Small (26k)
A remake of Black Crag Fortress by Jonathan Pelloth. Passwrod is 666

 Scenario Utility

 The Tower of Magi

 Small (51k)
This scenario is a recreation of the Tower of Magi for use in other people's scenarios. Email the author and he will give you the password to this scenario. Password is 17248


 Text File


This text file is very helpful in keeping track off what Stuff Done Flags I have already used and I can add notes to it off to the side. Hope it can help other scenario designers too.

 Text File


This text file contains the Blades Sound Effects in alphabetical order.

 Scenario Creation Tool for Windows

 Medium (179k)
This program by Haneda Yoshiyukiis a set of memo pads that can help in making scenarios. This is for Windows Only.

 Scenario Creation Tool
 Go to http:// ~rdmoore

A Java program.
Scenario Dump takes a Blades scenario file as input and creates a text dump of special nodes and stuff done references. Output is in a simple text format.

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