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Articles and Examples

This page will contain articles and examples regarding the Blades of Exile scenario editor. Some of them will be written by Jeff Vogel, designer of the scenario editor. Others will be by dedicated users of the editor. If you have a neat trick, idea, or technique, write about it and send it to b l a d e s@ spiderwebsoftware . com (Note spaces added to thwart spammers. Remove spaces for valid email address.). We hope to hear from you!


  1. It's All about Size
  2. Face in Dialogue
  3. Making a custom graphic.
  4. What About Shareware Fees?
  5. Think Diagonal
  6. Common Mistakes
  7. How To Destroy a Town
  8. Scenario Editor Spell Checker
  9. More Common Mistakes
  10. Perils of Scenario Submission
  11. The Perils of 250
  12. Alas, We Too Have Limits
  13. Notes on Dialogue
  14. The Perils of Animation
  15. Testing 1..2..3
  16. Personality Perils
  17. R Rated Scenarios
  18. Incrementing S.D. Flags
  19. Town Building Tips
  20. Setting the Difficulty
  21. Monty Haul Redux
  22. Adjusting For Different Levels
  23. New Key Idea
  24. Zen and the Art of Gameplay
  25. When do npcs go away?
  26. Followup to Zen and the Art of Gameplay
  27. Custom Item Graphics Problems
  28. When do NPCs go away, addendum
  29. When do white dots on terrain spaces disappear?
  30. What makes a scenario great?
  31. To Make an Arena
  32. Don't Forget the Outdoors
  33. Great Design Advice
  34. Common Scenario Mistakes
  35. Special Spells
  36. Setting Mage Lore
  37. Outdoor Timed Specials
  38. Tactical Puzzles
  39. Disappearing NPCs
  40. A Comment on Scenarios
  41. Windows-Mac Text Block Incompatability
  42. Addendum to Article #36 "Setting Mage Lore"
  43. Give (Special) Item: Problems and Workarounds
  44. Trouble with Puzzles
  45. How to play with a party that only has 1 PC
  46. Small, Single Thread Scenarios vs. Large Mutiple Thread Scenarios
  47. Scenario Design Suggestions
  48. Some Guidelines for Beta Testing Scenarios
  49. NPC Appearing/Disappearing
  50. The Teleport Spell
  51. Workarounds for Blades Limitations
  52. Logic and Geometry (continuation of article #40)
  53. When killing once, kill them twice.
  54. Mairwen's Crystal note.
  55. User Bug Report 1
  56. User Bug Report 2
  57. Making Epics vs. Smaller Scenario
  58. New Blades Of Exile Scenario IDEAS
  59. Thoughts on town\dungeon frills and other things
  60. Custom Recipes
  61. Design trick - maps.
  62. Customizable PC spells
  63. An Excellent Guide to Building a Town in Blades of Exile
  64. How to Change the Graphic for Your Player-Character (PC)
  65. Portal Tricks
  66. Creating more interesting epic battles. (Warning: Refers to console games heavily.)

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