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Submit a Blades of Exile Scenario

You've worked hard on designing a scenario using Blades of Exile. Now you want other people to be able to play your masterpiece. Here are the instructions for submitting a scenario to us, for review and posting on our page.

When you submit a scenario, always send us an E-mail (to b l a d e s@ spiderwebsoftware . com (Note spaces added to thwart spammers. Remove spaces for valid email address.)) with your name, address, name of scenario, and e-mail address. Scenarios are sometimes corrupted during submission. We have to be able to let you know that it happened. These can also be included the the Contact field in your scenario. We will not post a custom scenario without contact information. We always send a confirmation E-mail after getting a scenario. If you don't get one, something has gone wrong ... E-mail us.

Important note: We care about our customers. This means that we don't want them to waste their time downloading scenarios that don't work. Be sure to thoroughly test your scenarios. A buggy scenario will be removed from our site as soon as a downloader complains about it. Also, we are looking for games to play, if you submit a party-builder or supply store, we won't upload it unless you can convince us it's really special.

E-mail (preferred)

1) Compress your data with Stuffit Deluxe, ZipIt or WinZip. Make sure you include a text file with your name, address, etc.

2) E-mail it to us as a file attachment to: b l a d e s@ spiderwebsoftware . com (Note spaces added to thwart spammers. Remove spaces for valid email address.)

By US Mail

1) Put your scenario(s) on ONE 3.5" floppy disk. Media will not be returned.

2) Mail it to: Spiderweb Software, Inc. (attn: Scenario Contest), PO Box 85659, Seattle, WA 98145-1659

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