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Welcome! Reviewed scenarios are posted on the tables below.

Instructions for how to download and install these scenarios are below. (If this is your first time downloading a scenario or you are having problems please read the instructions) If a submitted scenario is playable, we will place it on one of the tables below (depending on the quality) for download. (New scenarios can be submitted to us, for instructions, go to the Submission Page.) There are 3 tables:

If you find our scenario tables a bit confusing, visit Alexandria. A comprehensive and well organized website with a database of nearly all Blades scenarios.

Content Rating System: Same as for the movies in the US.

G - General Audience (anyone).
PG - Parental Guidance Suggested (good for young adults and up).
R - Restricted (good for 17 and up)

User's Reviews: We assign a rating from 1 to 5 , this rating is the average of the reviews submitted to us. Occasionally, we'll post an insightful comment placed in the reviews by one of our users. Scenarios that receive low avg. ratings (<2.5) will be removed. Newly posted scenarios (on the Untried and Untested Table) will have no reviews posted.

5 - Two Thumbs Up (Excellent).
4 - One Thumb Up (Good).
3 - OK (Fair)
2 - Not Worth the Download (Poor)
1 - Should Not Exist (Horrible)


  1. Only registered users can play these scenarios. Note: User-designed scenarios on the above tables will be compatible with both Windows and Macintosh Blades of Exile programs.
  2. Download the scenario by clicking on the Name.
  3. The scenarios are stored in ZIP format on our site. Your browser should be smart enough to unpack them for you. (If not, on a MAC you can use StuffIt Expander or Unarchiver. On Windows you can use 7-Zip to uncompress it.) After you have done the unzip, you'll usually find a list of files containing the scenario (filename.exs) and usually a .txt file written by the author containing instructions and/or hints.
  4. Copy the scenario (filename.exs) into the Blades of Exile Scenarios folder (Bladscen in Windows) which is in your Blades of Exile folder.
  5. If the person created custom graphics there will also be 2 files (filename.meg and filename.bmp). You will also need to make sure filename.meg (for Mac Users) and filename.bmp (for Windows Users) gets copied into the Blades of Exile Scenarios folder as well. Note for Mac Users only: Some people have reported that if they use StuffIt to unzip a .meg file then it looses its resource fork (the .meg is no longer "thought of" as a Resedit document by your MAC). If you are having problems with getting the graphics file to work, you should use ZipIt to unzip the program and this will fix the problem. Go get ZipIt. Note about ZipIt: ZipIt does not work properly with the latest Mac OS 9.0.4. If you are having problems getting the custom graphics (the .meg file) to work. Unzip the scenarios with another zipping program like MacZip. Go get v1.05 of MacZip (380k) right now.
  6. The scenario will appear as a selection when you push the Custom Scenario button.
  7. After you've played the scenario, you can give us feedback on the Scenario Review Page. We don't have time to test every scenario we get. If a scenario is too buggy to be playable, please let us know, so that we can remove it!

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