Geneforge Logo

Here are a variety of screenshots for Geneforge. Click on the small images to see larger versions.

Agent Meeting A meeting between a strong agent and Rydell, leader of the Obeyers. Note the speech bubble ... the serviles of the island are always respectful and obedient to you. Except, of course, for the times when they aren't.
Fight with Drayk A fierce battle between a mix of powerful creations and an enemy drayk. Although the main character here is a warrior, it is still able to make pets to fight for it.
World Map There are 77 different areas in Sucia Island. You use the world map to travel among them. When you have cleared an area (by killing all of the enemies, disarming all the traps, or something more unusual), it becomes green and you can jump over it in the world map.
PC Creation

The Geneforge character creation screen. There are three different, basic character classes, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The skill system makes possible a wide variety of styles of play.

Back Story
Geneforge has an exciting and detailed plot in a very unusual and unique game setting.
Exploring One of Geneforge's many dungeons. This character has gone with an all-reptile assortment of creations: a fyora, two cryoas, and a drayk.
Dialog Screen
Geneforge contains many characters and tons of dialogue. A Shaper with lots of Leadership skill will be able to manipulate others in pleasing ways.
Guardian with Roamers
A guardian and his two roamers have just destroyed one of the pylons defending the mines. Geneforge has a wide variety of different enemies and traps, and you will need a variety of strategies to deal with them.
Shaping Hall A ruined shaping hall, very early in the game. Use of the books and artifacts in this chamber will make this novice character much more powerful.