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Blades of Exile GraphicBlades of Exile

A Fantasy Role-Playing System for Windows 3.1/95 and Macintosh.

Spiderweb Software, Inc. proudly presents its new fantasy role-playing universe: Blades of Exile! Blades of Exile is whole new world of adventure for both the Windows 3.1/95 and Macintosh platforms, featuring not only several fascinating adventures, but a scenario generator you can use yourself! With Blades of Exile, you will be able to not only pull new scenarios off the Internet, but make your own adventures as well!

Blades of Exile uses an advanced version of the powerful engine used in the hit award-winning game Exile III: Ruined World. This tried and true engine strikes an excellent balance between simplicity and detail, and between graphical frills and game playing excitement. It will come with three full adventures, designed to challenge even the most jaded adventurer:

The Valley of Dying Things: The introductory adventure. In Skylark Vale, everything is dying, the animals, the plants, the people. You have been sent to find out why. Unfortunately, you're dealing with a bizarre foe unlike any you've ever fought before.

A Small Rebellion: You are the Empire's weapon to end the decades long rebellion on Morrow's Isle. The more you learn, however, the more unclear it is who you should be fighting for. An open ended scenario design lets you decide which side to end up on!

The Za-Khazi Run: Fort Cavalier will fall to its attackers in 3 weeks, unless you can get a shipment of powerful magic to them in time. Between you and them? Hundreds of miles of the nastiest, twistiest caves in the underworld. Better hurry ... dawdle, and all will be lost.

And, when you've finished these adventures, your travels are far from completed! Blades of Exile also comes with the Blades of Exile Scenario Editor, the long-awaited program which lets anyone create fully featured Exile scenarios, complete with custom monsters and graphics, dialogue, special encounters, and all the detail users have come to love in the Exile adventures. These scenarios can then be placed on the Internet and played by anyone, making Blades of Exile a game that need never end!

Blades of Exile will be out for Macintosh in December 1997, and for Windows 3.1/95 in February, 1998. Be sure to watch for it at our web site at www.spidweb.com!

Blades of Exile will require a PC running Windows 3.1 or 95, or a Macintosh running System 7 or later. It needs 2 MB free RAM, 256 colors, and a minimum 13" screen (Macintosh). It will be $30, and will come with a character editor, fully functional scenario editor, and a hint booklet.

Contact: Spiderweb Software, PO Box 85659, Seattle WA 98145

E-Mail/Phone: Spidweb@spidweb.com, (206) 789-4438.

WWW: http://www.spidweb.com

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