The Spiderweb Software AOL Chat

This is a chat I did on AOL in late January. Some funny things. Some info. Hope you like it.

Date: 1/31/97

Start Time: 6:51:50 PM

End Time: 8:12:25 PM

Lines: 539

Chat length: 32064 bytes

Number of participants: 24

Participants: AFA Alice, AFA Daniel, AFC GBBob, AFC Spad, AFL Rod, Cyber956, EricW23274, FelgerKarb, Heftee 67, KernelPup, LindD25667, Luchesi498, Mr EFord, NingaBFett, OnlineHost, Quarlie, RayDunakin, RSteele323, Sir Myk, SpidWeb, ToRt Go, Tycho 2000, TZOTH, War2Wiz


Mr EFord : Hail SpidWeb Hail SpidWeb..... Love Exile III!!!!

SpidWeb : We should be starting this thing soon.

ToRt Go : yes it was! It took me days...

SpidWeb : Thank you!

AFC GBBob : You can tell that PI uses the Marathon engine

Luchesi498 : There ya go Tycho.

ToRt Go : and days...

RSteele323 : EXILE RULES!!!!!

Mr EFord : You are like "Da Bomb" (the best)

SpidWeb : Thank you, too.

Luchesi498 : Is there a downloadable demo?

AFA Daniel : ToRt - hate to say it but I used the money cheat on that one.

NingaBFett : When is New Centurions gonna come out, Tim?

Luchesi498 : Or is it PPC only?

ToRt Go : I did not cheat!!!

SpidWeb : Of Exile? Yes. And II, and III.

NingaBFett : or, how is the work progressing, should I say...

AFC GBBob : PT is PPC only

Luchesi498 : Darned.

SpidWeb : Tim has New Centurions info at

ToRt Go : patience was needed, and saving game many times.

AFA Daniel : ToRt - I couldn't get by all those laser weapons the NOD had.

SpidWeb : And I feel inclined to point out that is way cool.

ToRt Go : The ION cannon?

NingaBFett : SpidWeb- is it "new" New Centurions info?

ToRt Go : very useful.

SpidWeb : I havent the foggiest. Probably not.

NingaBFett : darn

SpidWeb : TIm is like me ... to busy writing to bother with updating things in a timely manner.

Sir Myk : Spid, you need more info there dude. <g> There's just not enough to keep me coming back yet.

AFA Daniel : The ion cannon takes ALONG time to recharge.

Mr EFord : ion cannon is cool

RSteele323 : Is there a "Book of Items" in the works. Someone did one for Exile 2.

ToRt Go : Ion cannon charges every 20 minutes, and those advanced guard towers were very helpful.

AFA Alice : Folks, let's start now.

RSteele323 : ?

AFC GBBob : Huh

AFA Alice : Welcome to Mac Games! Tonight our guest is Jeff Vogel of Spiderweb Software. He'll be discussing the wildly popular Exile series and new release, Exile III. Stick around for inside info, and a chance to win a generous prize. Protocol will be in effect, so type a "?" to ask a question or a "!" to make a comment and then wait until you are called on before speaking. When you are through, type GA (go ahead).

Luchesi498 : (No)

SpidWeb : Hi.

Luchesi498 : !

Tycho 2000 : (j/k)

AFL Rod : Jeff, tell us something about Exile

SpidWeb : My name is Jeff Vogel, and I am a full-time professional shareware developer. (believe it or not.) I am the author of the quite popular and well selling Exile trilogy of role-playing games, Exile: Escape From the Pit, Exile II: Crystal Souls, and Exile III: Get Above %7 Market Share oops ... I meant Exile III: Ruined World. They can be found at the cool forum Keyword: Mac Games or at I have many opinions ... ... most of which are not well thought out. And I have no life. Any questions?

AFL Rod : Mr EFord , Go Ahead

Mr EFord : Does Exile III really do stuff when you just wait around? I've done it and nothing has happened

SpidWeb : If you pause a lot, things will happen. Monsters will destroy towns. People will die. Other interesting things happen. Refugees move from town to town. However, it's important to note ... it never becomes impossible to finish the game.

Mr EFord : cool, thanx

SpidWeb : You can wait until day 50000 and still win. GA

AFL Rod : RSteele323 , Go Ahead

RSteele323 : You can really write a good story line. Any chance of Exile novels?

SpidWeb : It would be nifty.

AFL Rod : remember if you have a question, type ? and get into the Queue

SpidWeb : However, I have much more fun writing games than prose. GA

Mr EFord : ?

RSteele323 : ?

AFL Rod : GA Mr E

Mr EFord : Any chance of making a commercial game?

SpidWeb : Hmm. If a company wanted to throw money at me to do it, I'd love to. However, they'd have to offer me more than I can make writing shareware, which doesn't seem likely. GA

Mr EFord : oh

AFL Rod : RSteele323 , Go Ahead

RSteele323 : Are there any "insider" words that you can ask people and they'll say "easter egg" phrases?

Sir Myk : ?

SpidWeb : Yes. I'd tell you what some of them are, but honestly, I swear to God, I can't remember any. However, there are lots of goofy TV and pop culture show references in my games. Trainspotting, for example. GA

AFL Rod : Sir Myk , Go Ahead

Mr EFord : ?

Sir Myk : Where can we find 4th level mage and priest spells? Do we need to be registered first?

RSteele323 : like one game I played-you asked about the programmer and the people said "a briliant programmer" oops:(

SpidWeb : Ummm ... Formello in I and II. Shayder in III. GA

AFL Rod : Mr EFord , Go Ahead

Mr EFord : You have mentioned a new game on your web site can you give us more info?

SpidWeb : What game I want to write next changes from minute to minute. Usually the next game I want to write will be much like whatever game I just played. All I can say for sure is: i. I will write more games, and ii. I will write more RPGs. GA

AFC GBBob : ?

AFL Rod : RSteele323 , Go Ahead

RSteele323 : Do you appear in the game?

SpidWeb : In Exile III? No. Although one of the graphics is designed to look like me: The guy in the blue long tunic with the brown hair, beard, and bad posture. GA

AFL Rod : AFC GBBob , Go Ahead

RSteele323 : ?

AFC GBBob : Do you plan to move into any other genre of games?

SpidWeb : Yes. Someday. I think.

AFC GBBob : What type

SpidWeb : RPGs are my first love, but sometimes I get so infernally sick of them I decide I want to do something else. However, I stongly doubt I'll ever write an arcade game. GA

AFL Rod : RSteele323 , Go Ahead

Mr EFord : ?

RSteele323 : do you have any pets besides "Spider"?

SpidWeb : I have one pet: A beautiful Chilean rose tarantula named spider.

RSteele323 : ?

SpidWeb : In my last apartment, I also had about 8 billion roaches. GA

AFL Rod : Mr EFord , Go Ahead

Mr EFord : Do you plan on making patches for Exile III if so, any major upgrades in mind?

SpidWeb : I'm working on 1.0.2 now. Now big new features. Just a zillion bug fixes.

Mr EFord : IE add-on like realmz scnarios

SpidWeb : Exile III could use more work on features, but, to be honest, probably won't get it.

Mr EFord : oh

SpidWeb : My time is intensely tight, and I'll probably need to move on to something else. GA

AFL Rod : RSteele323 , Go Ahead

Sir Myk : ?

RSteele323 : How do you come up with names for towns and creatures? books you read or what?

SpidWeb : Omigod, I'm glad someone asked that. Everywhere I can. Friends. Books. Movies. Place names I get from atlases. The provinces in Exile III are named after women I've been ... ummmmmm .... intimate with. (Does that violate AOL TOS?) (Or just the bounds of good taste?)

AFL Rod : almost but not quite

SpidWeb : The turth is, when starting a new game, I need to come up with like 500 names. I get them anywhere I can. Once I was designing a town in a restaurant, and made my waitress one of the characters. GA

RSteele323 : ?

AFL Rod : Sir Myk , Go Ahead

Sir Myk : One things I found annoying in Exile III was that casting a spell takes all of the action points. Can

Mr EFord : ?

Sir Myk : we hope to see a system that allows weaker spells to take less action points and stronger take more?

SpidWeb : Probably not. I set up the AP system veeeery carefully. I believe making spell casting happen too fast would unbalance things. I would need to make spells weaker to make up for it. And that would mean people have to select spells twice to get the same effect. Inefficient. GA

AFL Rod : RSteele323 , Go Ahead

RSteele323 : When did you get your first computer?

SpidWeb : My first computer was an Apple II Plus. I got it in around 1983. Oh the wondrous games I programmed on that machine. GA

AFL Rod : Mr EFord , Go Ahead

RSteele323 : ?

Mr EFord : When you cast fireball it leaves a big hole in the ground if you do it in towns will it stay in there forever I haven't noticed

SpidWeb : When you leave town and reenter, all effects disappear. This includes blood stains, slime globs, and holes in ground.

Mr EFord : can you like do it to a wall and you can walk though it?

SpidWeb : GA No, you can only Move Mountains walls, and then not many of them. GA

AFL Rod : Was anything you programmed on the Apple II shareware?

SpidWeb : This was loooong before I'd ever even heard of shareware. Nobody ever played the games I wrote on that (besides me).

AFA Alice : ?

SpidWeb : It was more of an apprenticeship than anything else. GAH

AFL Rod : AFA Alice , Go Ahead

AFA Alice : What was the first game you programmed?

FelgerKarb : ?

SpidWeb : (think think think) A cheesy little text adventure in a programming class. Move N, S, E, W and hit things with a stick. Your goal - Reach the bits I hadn't finished yet ... and never ever did.

Sir Myk : ?

SpidWeb : GA

AFL Rod : FelgerKarb , Go Ahead

FelgerKarb : When you started Exile II and Exile III, how much code id you retain from the previous version? Are they total rewriters or major improvements? GA

RSteele323 : ?

SpidWeb : Hmm. I'd say each used %80 of the code from the game before. That's how I was able to do them so quickly. I just rewrote the parts that sucked the hardest.

FelgerKarb : lol

SpidWeb : (Hmm. TOS check?) GA

AFL Rod : still ok for TOS ;) Sir Myk , Go Ahead

Sir Myk : Do you use a focus group for your games, or do you design everything all on your own?

SpidWeb : First, I do 1-2 months of market research. I.e., I play games non stop for a month or two.

Mr EFord : ?

FelgerKarb : ?

SpidWeb : It's not as fun as it sounds. It's a lot of work. A game an hour a day is fun. Ten hours a day is a pain. Then I lock myself in a room for 8 months and write a game. And it's done, and that's it. I should use focus groups and such, but when you work alone it's hard. GAH

AFL Rod : RSteele323 , Go Ahead

RSteele323 : Was Exile 1 the first working mac game you made,or just the first one you released?

SpidWeb : Exile is the very second mac gprogram I wrote. The first mac program I wrote was the terrain editor for Exile.

RSteele323 : ?

SpidWeb : I bought my first Mac compiler (CodeWarrior 4), and started Exile the next day. Some would comment (correctly) that this shows. Similarly, the very first Windows program I write was the Windows version of Exile. GAH

AFL Rod : Mr EFord , Go Ahead

Mr EFord : What (besides your own games) are your favorite? Mac Games

SpidWeb : Hmm. Ah ... Mac Games. That makes it easier. Odyssey: The Legend of Nemesis was nifty. System's Twilight was pure genius. Warcraft II. Marathon, etc. GA

AFL Rod : FelgerKarb , Go Ahead

FelgerKarb : Would you consider doing an RPG based something other than sword and sorcery type fantasy...

SpidWeb : Yes. I already have. I have a whole sf rpg plotted out in my brain.

FelgerKarb : Like possibly the vampire works of Brian Lumley or Anne Rice, Piers Anthony's stuff. etc?

SpidWeb : When or if I'll write it, heavens only know. GA

AFL Rod : RSteele323 , Go Ahead

RSteele323 : Is there even a small chance that someday us fans could make Exile maps? Or a adventure creator type?

SpidWeb : A vampire game? Oh Lord ... shoot me now. :-) A scenario editor? I've thought on it. Veeeery difficult to do. I'm still thinking about it. GA

RSteele323 : ?


Mr EFord : ?

AFL Rod : GA RSteele

RSteele323 : Is Foley the mapmaker named after the guy that does those Exile WWW sites?

SpidWeb : He's named after Dave Foley, from one of my all time favoritest TV shows: The Kids in the Hall.

RSteele323 : ?

SpidWeb : I listened to like a jillion episodes of it while writing Exile I-III. GA

AFL Rod : Mr EFord , Go Ahead

Mr EFord : Any Chance of a network game? (I know its crazy but i must know....)

SpidWeb : No. Never. It would be a wonderful thing to do. It really would.

Mr EFord : ?

SpidWeb : But my skills are ine xactly the wrong area to make that work and make it make money.

Cyber956 : ?

SpidWeb : GA

AFL Rod : RSteele323 , Go Ahead

RSteele323 : Can we access Lower Exile in 3? Besides the Mage Tower?

SpidWeb : No. I didn't design it because it would have been more work ... added on to an already huge world. I would love to have made it again ... but I just didn't have the time.

RSteele323 : ?

SpidWeb : That's the main problem with being a 1 person software company. You can look at something, and say "That should be like that." and simply not have the time to do it. GA

AFL Rod : Cyber956 , Go Ahead

Cyber956 : What advantages do you think there are to making games for either platform?

SpidWeb : You make oodles more money designing for multiple platforms. Windows is terribly annoying to code, but some things on it work quite nicely. I can say exactly the came thing about the Mac ... except for the fact that Mac are, of course, much cooler to use. GA

AFL Rod : Mr EFord , Go Ahead

Mr EFord : How big is your "Dream Team"?

SpidWeb : Excellent question.

Mr EFord : But i believe it has been answered 1 man?

SpidWeb : I have thought often on that. Me. 2-3 assistant coders. 2-3 artists. One sound/music person. 2-3 testers/opinion givers. One marketing dude. One cabana boy. One masseuse.

Mr EFord : 12 guys

SpidWeb : Green Day (for lunch concerts) A tarantula. Right now, I only have me, some internet testers, one artist, a tarantula, and, of course, my girlfriend, who doubles as a cabana boy and masseuse. (Please don't hit me, dear.) GA

Mr EFord : we must not forget the tarantula now can we?

SpidWeb : It would hurt Spider's feeleings if I did. He lives right by my desk.

AFL Rod : queue is empty. any other questions?

RSteele323 : Will there be a compilation CD-ROM someday? 1,2,3 etc..?

SpidWeb : Oops. She lives right by my desk.

Quarlie : ?

SpidWeb : GA I would love to make a compilation CD-ROM. Someday. GA

RSteele323 : ?

KernelPup : ?

AFL Rod : Quarlie , Go Ahead

Quarlie : Is Spider your familiar? ;)

SpidWeb : Nope. She isn't smart enough.

Quarlie : :D

SpidWeb : She just sort of sits there most of the time. Oh, and eats crickets. Who don't appreciate it. GA

AFL Rod : RSteele323 , Go Ahead

RSteele323 : How long have you had Spider?

SpidWeb : About a year and a half. GA

RSteele323 : ?

AFL Rod : KernelPup , Go Ahead

KernelPup : Why not use NetSprocket for net support? It's instant TCP/IP. Big win. X/Plat

SpidWeb : Because I would still need to rewrite the game from the ground up for it to be able to handle more than one party. It would be a massive, fundamental change.

KernelPup : Gotcha.

SpidWeb : GA

AFL Rod : RSteele323 , Go Ahead

RSteele323 : Off subject,what's your favorite radio station? :)

SpidWeb : KNDD, 107.7, for those who live in Seattle.

War2Wiz : ?

SpidWeb : GA

AFL Rod : War2Wiz , Go Ahead

War2Wiz : Is there a way I can see a real picture of your spider?

RSteele323 : ?

SpidWeb : One of these days, I'll put pictures of me, Mariann, and Spider on my web page. It's one of those things I keep meaning to do. GA

War2Wiz : !

AFL Rod : ga war, your comment

War2Wiz : Just want to say I LOVE spiders ;)

AFL Rod : RSteele323 , Go Ahead

RSteele323 : What do you do when you're not writing games?

SpidWeb : As do I. Don't get me started on Spider. She's my favorite little critter in the whole wide world. When I'm not writing games? Why, I'm taking orders on games.

Heftee 67 : ?

SpidWeb : Or filling orders on games. Or hanging out with game designing friends. Or playing games.

KernelPup : ?

RSteele323 : ?

SpidWeb : For those who came in late, I shall again mention I have no life.

AFA Alice : ?

SpidWeb : I also go to lots of theatre, play poker, take my girlfriend out to dinner, drink MASSIVE amounts of coffee, and watch NYPD Blue, X-Files, and Babytlon-5. GA

AFL Rod : Heftee 67 , Go Ahead

Heftee 67 : how long does it take to write a game?

SpidWeb : Subjectively, About 80 billion years. Objectively, about 8 months, plus one month for the Windoze port. (Oops ... I meant Windows ... how did that slip out?_

Heftee 67 : ?

War2Wiz : ?

FelgerKarb : ?

SpidWeb : Then the process of updating and bug fixing, of course, is eternal. GA

AFL Rod : KernelPup , Go Ahead

KernelPup : Have you played Tempest X or Robotron X, opinions if so?

SpidWeb : I'm not old enough to play X rated games. GA Sorry, sorry. I apologize. No, I haven't. GA

KernelPup : bummer.

AFL Rod : RSteele323 , Go Ahead

RSteele323 : When can we win something? :)

SpidWeb : You have won the ability to listen to my pearls of wisdom for a whole 50 minutes.

AFL Rod : pretty soon steele

SpidWeb : And you still want product? There's no pleasing some people! :-)

AFL Rod : AFA Alice , Go Ahead

AFA Alice : If you write a sci-fi rpg game, are we talking hard sci-fi or fantasy/sci-fi?

RSteele323 : ?

SpidWeb : Hard sf. I want to write the first sf rpg That's contemporary sf, not Buck Rogers zap zap Flash Gordon stuff. GA

AFA Alice : Great. :)

SpidWeb : (We're talkin' Harlan Ellison, man.)

KernelPup : ?

AFL Rod : Heftee 67 , Go Ahead

Heftee 67 : were do you get your ideas from in writing these master pieces?

SpidWeb : Oops. I forgot about 'I Have No Mouth.', but that's not an rpg. I get all my ideas from a clearing house in northern New York.

Heftee 67 : lol

SpidWeb : I send them $40 a month, and they send me an envelope full of ideas. No, just kidding. (That smart aleck answer was stolen from Harlan Ellison, btw) I just plain think up many of my ideas.

Heftee 67 : I knew those work at home adds were for something usefull

SpidWeb : I squint and think until blood shoots out of my eye sockets, and the ideas come to me. The rest if my good ideas I get in a more honored and time-tested way: I steal them. That's what the market research is for.

Heftee 67 : cool

SpidWeb : GA

AFL Rod : War2Wiz , Go Ahead

War2Wiz : Is it true the years seem longer when your a Game-Maker (I heard it as a rumor)

SpidWeb : It is completely true.

Sir Myk : ?

SpidWeb : Every year seems like 5.

War2Wiz : cool I should be one

Heftee 67 : ?

AFL Rod : FelgerKarb , Go Ahead

FelgerKarb : Just wanted to know - which version has more registered users - Mac or Windoze? GA

War2Wiz : ?

SpidWeb : Mac, by a fair amount. GA

AFL Rod : RSteele323 , Go Ahead

RSteele323 : While you started SpiderWeb,did you have to work another job,or was it "make it-or break it" programin

SpidWeb : When I started Exile, it was a way of maintaining sanity while being a grad student in applied mathematics at Rutgers University. Then it started making buckets of money, and I hated being a grad student, so I took the big leap. GA

AFL Rod : Sir Myk , Go Ahead

Sir Myk : What would you suggest to a person who wants to learn how to program games? What development system.. would you suggest as a starting point..etc.

SpidWeb : CodeWarrior. Macintosh Programming Techniques by Dan Parks Sydow. And LOTS of time. GA

AFL Rod : Heftee 67 , Go Ahead

Heftee 67 : do you count sheep or computer codes when you go to sleep?....if you sleep.

SpidWeb : I usually stress out about bugs, and manage to fall asleep an hour after I lie down. :-/

LindD25667 : ?

SpidWeb : GA

AFL Rod : OK the next question will be the last before our prize for the nite War2Wiz , Go Ahead

War2Wiz : Is Exile I,II,or III featured in software mags that have free shareware in them? By the way i'm honored to be the last question asker

AFL Rod : will let Lind go, then done

SpidWeb : Many magazines have given the unregistered version of the Exile games on them.

War2Wiz : I haven't seen any......

SpidWeb : Never the whole, trilogy, though. GA

AFL Rod : LindD25667 , Go Ahead

LindD25667 : Is it true that programmers never sleep, they just Log off every once in a while?;)

SpidWeb : I honestly think we sleep just as much as everyone else. Just at different hours. For example, when doing Exile III, I worked from 1-6 or 7, and midnight to 4 AM. Slept from 4:30 AM to noon.

LindD25667 : Vampire's hours!

SpidWeb : That means I usually got 7.5 hours of sleep. Not much more or less than anyone else. GA

AFA Alice : Jeff, would you like to announce the prize?

AFL Rod : OK, Jeff - please describe the prize that is behind door #1 (the only door we have tonite)

War2Wiz : SpidWeb iz a vampire!!!!!

SpidWeb : Sort of sad this is ending ... it's nice to be the center of attention.

War2Wiz : Please come again

SpidWeb : The prize is ...

RSteele323 : Please!!

AFL Rod : we will let you stay and chat longer :)

Heftee 67 : big man on campus

SpidWeb : (have to work hard to keep from being a smart-aleck here)

War2Wiz : with the spider typing

SpidWeb : a full Exile III bundle.

War2Wiz : YES

SpidWeb : If you win, E-mail me to get it.

AFL Rod : We will roll the AoL dice to determine the winner

SpidWeb : You need to download the software first ... I haven't had installer disks made yet.

War2Wiz : what's the Q?

SpidWeb : And remember ... (drum roll)

AFA Alice : To roll the AOL dice, just type //roll by itself on a line and send. Do not roll until I say GO. Multiple rolls will disqualify you from winning.

OnlineHost : RSteele323 rolled 2 6-sided dice: 1 2

RSteele323 : oopd

OnlineHost : SpidWeb rolled 2 6-sided dice: 2 4

AFL Rod : WAit

AFA Alice : Ready Set GO

OnlineHost : Sir Myk rolled 2 6-sided dice: 6 3 RSteele323 rolled 2 6-sided dice: 2 2 KernelPup rolled 2 6-sided dice: 2 3 LindD25667 rolled 2 6-sided dice: 2 2 FelgerKarb rolled 2 6-sided dice: 5 3 War2Wiz rolled 2 6-sided dice: 1 3 Heftee 67 rolled 2 6-sided dice: 3 4 MarkA38 rolled 2 6-sided dice: 3 5


AFL Rod : Sir Myk is still in the lead

War2Wiz : Always the lowest roll\

SpidWeb : Does this always work? This is cool!

OnlineHost : SpidWeb rolled 2 6-sided dice: 2 5

Sir Myk : <please god let me win>

AFL Rod : any more dice?

OnlineHost : SpidWeb rolled 2 6-sided dice: 2 6 SpidWeb rolled 2 6-sided dice: 5 1

AFA Alice : Anyone else?

SpidWeb : That's awesome!

AFL Rod : the winner is.... Sir Myk!!!!!

AFA Alice : Congrats, Sir Myk. :)

KernelPup : 23 ick

Sir Myk : LOL! Hooray!!!!!! <dancing around the room>

OnlineHost : SpidWeb rolled 2 6-sided dice: 6 6

War2Wiz : I so sick I'm gonna Retch

KernelPup : remind me not to go to LasVegas

OnlineHost : SpidWeb rolled 2 6-sided dice: 6 2

TZOTH : Congrats, Myk!

FelgerKarb : Can we go forbest 2 out of 3 ;-)

OnlineHost : SpidWeb rolled 2 6-sided dice: 1 6

KernelPup : nice roll spidweb!

AFL Rod : email Jeff (SpidWeb)

Sir Myk : I won't be sending that check after all :)

RSteele323 : Only one :((

War2Wiz : Well can't be a sore loser

FelgerKarb : War2Wiz - you could if you fell out of your chair in disgust.

Sir Myk : SpidWeb, I already emailed you :)

RSteele323 : Nope. Guess I'll have to mow some lawns this spring to register! :)

Sir Myk : that's like the fisrt time I won anything :)

AFA Alice : Jeff, thanks for coming. This has been a great chat.

OnlineHost : SpidWeb rolled 2 6-sided dice: 3 4

SpidWeb : No problem!

Quarlie : Like the dice, eh, SpidWeb? :D

OnlineHost : War2Wiz rolled 2 6-sided dice: 2 3

SpidWeb : It was fun!

OnlineHost : SpidWeb rolled 2 6-sided dice: 5 4

RSteele323 : Bye,Jeff!

FelgerKarb : Another great roll War2!

SpidWeb : How do you change the # of dice rolled?

TZOTH : Bye, Jeff!

KernelPup : it's a mobius die

AFL Rod : log off

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