Getting Started in Avernum

So you have a nice new party and it's getting stomped. Again and again. It's humiliating. You can't find anything good to fight. The monsters are slaughtering you. You can't get money. What can you do?
Well, here's some good strategy advice, culled from the horrible sufferings of scads of testers ...

1. Be sure to talk to Tor in Fort Avernum. He gives you starting money.

2. At early levels, magic will keep you alive. Use bless and haste spells, and get a
character who can cast Ice Lances as soon as possible.

3. There are a few simple early quests which can give you useful experience. Talk to Warrick in Fort Avernum. Find her friend for her (hint: look in Silvar). Claudette in Formello, Gary in Silvar, and Ether in Mertis all have missions which can be partly or wholly done in the demo.

4. Don't go west right away. Avoid Cotra. The sliths out there are dangerous.

5. Talk to Johnson in Fort Duvno. He gives you two very useful missions in nearby dungeons.

6. To get experience early on, go to the Goblin Caves, the Brigand Fort, and the Bat Cave. They're all between Fort Duvno and Formello, and all of them are custom-built for low level characters. Don't take on too much at once. Go in, kill a few foes, and leave to rest. Things you killed will still be dead when you return.

7. When you've gained a few levels, talk to Mayor Evelyn in Formello. She gives you the biggest quest in the demo and can give you a reward which is very useful later in the game.

8. There is a magic ring hidden in a secret cave in the southeast corner of the Goblin Caves. It's a nice little item, which can be sold if necessary.

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