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Geneforge 2

Geneforge 2 Updates and Tech Support

On this page, you will be able to find all of the latest bug alerts and updates for Geneforge 2 for both Macintosh and Windows.

Restoring a Lost Registration

If you have registered this game but your copy is currently saying that it is unregistered, you can get a replacement registration key for free. The form to request a new key is here.

Geneforge 2 Support for the Macintosh and Windows

Drypeak Dialogue Bug:
If you talk to a guard in Drypeak and the Loyalists are angry with you, you will get an error message and dialogue will stop working in that town. To work around this problem, leave town or load a save file after getting the error, and don't talk to the guards in Drypeak. They don't provide any useful information.

Rising Becoming Hostile When it Shouldn't
If you accept the mission in Rising to wipe out the Loyalist Encampment, go there, and tell MacNulty that you are going to kill him, Rising will go hostile. It shouldn't, this is a bug.

As a workaround for this bug, should you do this mission, attack MacNulty without speaking with him.

If you have already been his with this bug, the cheat codes can help you. Load your saved game, type Shift-'d', type "pleaselikeme" (no space), and hit return. Rising will no longer be angry.

Trouble Downloading:
If you are having problems downloading or installing a game, we have some tips to help you out.

Reactivating the Cheat Codes

You can turn off the cheat codes permanently. Should you have done this and want your character editor back, this is how to restore it: If using a Macintosh, throw away the "Geneforge 2 Prefs " file in the Preferences folder. If using Windows, delete the "GF2Prefs.dat" file in the Geneforge 2 Data folder. Please note if you have registered the game, this might unregister it. If your game becomes unregistered, contact us for a new key by calling 206.789.4438 or emailing spidweb@spiderwebsoftware.com. There is no charge for this but please include the name you registered under, which game you need a new key for and your current registration code (located in the lower right hand corner of the title screen).


Geneforge 2 Support for Windows

The latest version of Geneforge 2 for Windows is v1.0.2. Download it from the main page.

Changes in v1.0.1:

1. The cheat codes to change how serviles feel about you now work properly.
2. The amount of skill points to buy a level of a skill have been reduced. The cost now increases by 1 for every two levels of the skill.

Changes in v1.0.2:

1. The upgrade fixes a crashing bug on the title screen that could afflict users of WIndows XP.

Other Windows Issues

Installing From CD On Windows Vista

Some of our older CDs have problems installing on Vista, the newest version of the Windows operating system. If you have problems, follow these steps: Insert the CD. Open "Computer" in the Start menu. Right-Click on the CD and select Explore. Run the installer program (the application that has Install at the beginning of the name).


Geneforge 2 Support for the Macintosh

The latest version of Geneforge 2 for Macintosh is v1.1. Download it from the main page.

Changes in v1.0.1:

  • Shanti no longer reappears in Drypeak Gates when she shouldn't.
  • Entering Power Station from the south with 8 creations no longer crashes the game.
  • Costs for skills you increase now tabulated correctly.
  • Smooth out xp reduction when low level characters kill much lower level creatures.
  • End of the game works properly if you kill Barzahl without ever talking to him.

Changes in v1.0.2

  • Fixed many typos.
  • Made some scripts work correctly. Bandits in Bandit Marsh can now be properly bought off.
  • Endgame slightly trickier.
  • Corrected script error when talking to guards in Drypeak.

Changes in v1.1 - Universal Version

  • Geneforge 2 is now Universal.
  • Geneforge 2 now runs in 32 bit color, enabling it to run on all new MacBooks.

Other Macintosh Issues

Running the Game on Mac OSX 10.12 or Later

This game does not work on MacOS Catalina (10.15.x) or later. Apple has decided to drop support for all 32 bit apps, so this game has completely stopped working on new Mac systems.We hope to someday remaster this game to be 64 bit and to work on the latest versions of the Mac OS, but it’s a large job and it will take a while to get to it.

For older Mac OS v10.12 to 10.14, this game can still run but with a few extra steps:

  1. Go to your Applications Folder on your hard drive. Open the Geneforge 2 v1.1 ƒ folder.
  2. Control-Click the Geneforge 2 v1.1 application. From the pop up menu, select Show Package Contents.
  3. Open Contents folder and then MacOS folder.
  4. Control-Click the file Geneforge 2, and select Open from the pop up menu.
  5. This will open a terminal window and should launch the game automatically as a process of that window. Do not close this terminal window (that would quit the game.) If the game window is under other application windows and is inaccessible, select Command-Tab to cycle through your applications.
  6. Game should run normally.

No Longer Works on Macintosh OSX 10.12 or Later

Alas, this game does not fully function in Macintosh OSX 10.12 or later. It was developed before 2008 using the Macintosh code base at the time, but Apple has stopped supporting it in newer versions of the operating system. We hope to someday remaster this game to work on newer versions of the Mac OS, but it’s a large job and it may take a while to get to it. We’re sorry that we don’t have better news.

Older Version Incompatibility With MacBooks With the GMA X3100 Graphics Chip

Older versions of Geneforge 1-3 would not run on the newer MacBooks (with the GMA X3100 graphics chip). The newest version will. If this game is not working for you, download and install the newest version.

"Unable to open sound channels" Error

If you get the error "Unable to open sound channels" when you launch the game, carry out these steps to fix the problem:

i. Open the Applications folder.
ii. Open the Utilities folder.
iii. In this folder, run "Audio MIDI Setup"
iv. Under Audio Output, change the Format to 44100.0 Hz.

This should correct the problem.

Program Not Launching Correctly On Newer Macs

Some of our older games and installers will not run properly on newer Macintoshes with certain other applications installed. Trying to run the game/installer will give and error. This problem is caused by the name of the program not ending in .app.

To fix the problem, change the name of the program so it ends in .app. If you are trying to run an installer from a CD, copy it to your machine, change the name so that it ends in .app, and run it.

Save Game Problem on Macintosh OS X

A very small number of users have had a problem saving the game on OS X using v1.0. When they try to save a game over a old saved game, several telescoping windows appear on the screen and the game freezes until they hit Return. The text area says "Game Saved", but it hasn't been.
To fix this problem, upgrade to Geneforge 2 v1.0.2.

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