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Geneforge FAQ v1.0

1. How do I rest and restore my health and essence?
If you return to a friendly town (like Vakkiri or Pentil), you are automatically completely refreshed. Also, you can stand next to a healing or essence pool.

2. I can never get all of my essence back. There's always a little bit of it missing.
When you spend essence on a creation, that essence is gone until the creation dies or you absorb it. If you have 50 essence and spend 20 to make a creation, you can't have more than 30 essence while that creation lives.

3. How do I pick a lock? How do I use a living tool?
When you have a living tool in your pack, there will be a button with a little hand on it next to the item. Press that button and then click on the lever you want to unlock. You may need to do this a few times before you
succeed in unlocking the lever.

4. The game says it needs 800x600 resolution or 16 bit color to run, but I have more than that. Why won't it run?
The game needs exactly 800x600 resolution and exactly 16 bit color. Geneforge generally works best it you let DirectX set your monitor's resolution.

5. What am I supposed to do? What is the object of the game?
Basically, you want to escape from Sucia Island. First, however, you will need to deal in some way with the conspiracy on the island. There are many ways to do this, and you can join any of the different factions (Awakened, Obeyers, etc.) and still win the game.

6. Does Geneforge have cheat codes?
Yes. They are listed in the back of the hint book. Read the Geneforge instructions to learn how to get the hint book.

7. How many different endings does Geneforge have?
Over a dozen. Also, there are many different endings for the characters and factions on Sucia Island.

8. I'm stuck. I've explored the first 17 or so zones and the game won't let me explore anymore. All of the new zones have question marks on them. How do I keep going?
We're afraid you have to buy the game to explore beyond the first fifth of it. To learn how to order, run the game and select How To Order on the title screen.

9. Does Geneforge have any Easter Eggs?

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