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Download Exile II: Crystal Souls v1.0.3 for Windows Upgrade

This is where you can download the upgrade to turn Exile II: Crystal Souls v1.0 .* into v1.0.3. The file is about 1.2 Megs. Using the upgrade will neither unregister your copy nor make your save files no longer work.

Note: There is no upgrade to version 2.0. That's because version 2.0 changes every file in the game. If you want version 2.0, download the entire game.

To use the upgrade:
1. Download the upgrade. It will be a file called EXL2UPGD.EXE.
2. Move EXL2UPGD.EXE into your EXILE2 directory.
3. Run EXL2UPGD.EXE to uncompress the Exile II application. When asked whether to copy over EXILE2.EXE, say yes. You now have Exile II v1.0.3.

The important stuff going away bug...
There was a serious bug in v1.0 which occasionally made important special things go away when you opened chests. A feature has been included in v1.0.3 which will repair most (if not all) of the damage caused by this. To use it,
1. Load your save file.
2. Hit '+'. This will restore all vital objects (such as keys) and encounters (such as vital control panels). This may make some special items you have already found reappear. This will not be a problem.
3. Save your game.
4. Entering 4 towns/dungeon levels will reset all specials that haven't been restored already.
5. If you are still having serious trouble getting something done, contact Spiderweb Software at (206)789-4438 or SpidWeb@aol.com.

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