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Now available... Exile II: Crystal Souls
A fantasy role-playing epic for Windows 3.1 and 95.

  • 1995 Eddy Award Honorable Mention for Best Shareware Game of the Year
  • ZiffNet rating - "5 of 5 stars"
  • "Shareware Standout" - July 1996 Computer Player
  • "4 out of 5 joysticks." - Inside Mac Games Magazine

Spiderweb Software presents Exile II: Crystal Souls, the sequel to the shareware fantasy role-playing hit Exile: Escape From the Pit!

Exile II: Crystal Souls is a huge, highly detailed shareware fantasy role-playing game for Windows 3.1 and 95! Although Exile II is a sequel to Exile, it is designed to be completely playable as a stand-alone game, with absolutely no experience with Exile required.

Exile II features a simple, elegant interface, a deep, fascinating game system, and excellent graphics and sounds. Explore over a hundred towns and dungeon levels, meet scads of characters, and fulfill many missions, some tiny, some enormous, as you attempt to complete one (or all) of several game-winning quests. Complete the game in one way, or several!

And, if enough adventures for three full games isn't enough, Exile II: Crystal Souls has an intricate plot, full of twists, turns, and the fates of three nations colliding in the subterranean nation you call home. It truly promises all the game you could want, and then some!

The story:
The surface world is ruled by the Empire. That's what it's called - simply the Empire. What need is there for fancy names when there's only one game in town?

For many years, the Empire dealt with its misfits, its loudmouths, its petty criminals in one way: it teleported them down into Exile, a network of enormous caverns and twisty tunnels stretching for hundreds of miles under the surface of the Earth. There, the banished humans fought, worked, and struggled to survive.

Then they struck back. With the help of several banished wizards, they assassinated the emperor of the Empire. In return, the Empire invaded Exile, teleporting down a massive army of well-trained soldiers and mages. These troops are now marching through your homeland, destroying everyone and everything they find.

If something isn't done, you are all doomed. The question is, will someone step forward who is smart enough, strong enough, and just plain good enough to stop the forces decimating your land?

Exile II: Crystal Souls is $25 shareware. It requires Windows 3.1 or 95, 2 MB free RAM, 256 colors, and a 13" monitor. The author is a member of the Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP). Exile II is compatible with Windows 95.
Contact: Spiderweb Software, PO Box 85659, Seattle, WA 98145
E-mail: SpidWeb@aol.com

- Jeff Vogel
Keeper of Exile
Spiderweb Software

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